We are now migrating our Las Vegas trade show models into our new virtual Las Vegas model agency and event staffing website!

Below are just a few of the many models we have available:

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Las Vegas Trade Show Models

For events, our agency has one of the best rosters of Las Vegas trade show modelsspokesmodels, and product specialists. When hiring people for an event you need to make sure that you are hiring professionals and we can help with phone interviews, video interviews, digital snapshots, and live auditions.

Fashion Models for Apparel Shows

For fashion events (Magic, Project, Pool, Curve, ISAM, ENK, WSA, Platform, etc.), we can provide Las Vegas footwear models and runway models.  One of other services that our agency offers is ‘Qualified Remote Fitting’, where a local fashion professional verifies sizes and the fit of your samples on the models you select. You then receive digital snapshots and/or video taken to your preferred specs as well as a size sheet for each model. This allows you to cast remotely well in advance of the show’s start date so that you have more available models to choose from. So whether you’re looking for Las Vegas shoe models or Las Vegas runway models, we can help you get the right fit.

Find the Right Match

Having already spent money to participate in a trade show in Las Vegas, you need to make certain that you have the right convention models to attract attention to your company’s booth, greet prospects, and demonstrate your product. With the intense competition for eyeballs at events like CES, Magic, CTIA, and others, it is critical that you give your company its best opportunity to be seen and heard. Booth models and booth attendants can make the difference between a successful trade show and a missed opportunity.

Support System

With your tradeshow investment on the line, you should always insure that you have a support system in place to provide quality control, to make sure that the greeters and product demonstrators you hire are fully aware of their duties and their schedule, and that you have someone you can turn to should any unforeseen circumstances present themselves.