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Here are just some of the Los Angeles senior and elderly models available through D2:

These are just a few of the Los Angeles older models, actors, extras, and real people who are available through our model agency for commercial print, fashion editorial, runway,and other professional paid assignments.


The increase in the use of mature and senior models in advertising has been exponential over the past decade. As more people are enjoying more active lifestyles later in life, the desire for advertisers to target aging consumers has grown. Print ads and and television commercials around the globe are now showcasing a broader range of ages and ethnicities.

Senior Models and Elderly Models

Baby boomers fall into the senior model category and those just a bit older may be considered by some to be elderly models. Our Los Angeles seniors are a valued part of our agency, and it is wonderful that companies (especially pharmaceutical companies, tourism, and financial brands) have begun to value these people from a commercial perspective. There are many opportunities in Los Angeles and other cities for actors, real people, and models to appear in commercials, advertisements, and even television shows and movies. Whether you are or are looking for a boomer or a silver fox, we’ve got you.

Getting started as a Los Angeles senior model or elderly model is not difficult to do. Our model agency is always on the lookout for people of all ages, including:

We assist producers and casting directors with ‘real people’ casting and extras casting, and our Los Angeles older model roster has proven to be a great resource to hundreds of industry professionals.

D2 Models – One of the best Los Angeles Modeling Agencies for Seniors

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